About Us

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy the recipes we post as much as we like making them. 

I am Valerie, and with my twin sister, Janice, we are the Double the Recipe team. My sister and I really enjoy cooking, baking, experimenting, and sharing with each other. Our vision for Double the Recipe is to inspire you to cook and bake more at home and help guide you in making healthy choices. All our recipes are easy and fast to make, ready to eat (usually) in less than an hour, and full of common healthy ingredients.

A picture says a thousand words, right? Our step by step guide, with pictures, makes following the recipe much easier. It helps answer those questions, such as “am I doing this right?” and “is it supposed to look like that?” 

Everything we post is what you can feed your family, it’s what we do ourselves! Often, I am taking a picture of the dish and having to tell one of my four kids to keep their hands out of the picture. We hope that the recipes that we post will become favourites of yours as well.

Please feel free to send us any comments, questions, recipe ideas or just a friendly ‘hello’! Like us on Facebook and Twitter and pin us on Pinterest. We love connecting with our readers.

We live in Ontario (Valerie) and Manitoba (Janice) Canada where we get to enjoy four beautiful seasons, and cook for each one. Valerie is a stay at home mom and Janice is a high school teacher. We both have kids who love ‘helping’ out in the kitchen and who, at times, drive us crazy, I mean, who are always absolutely wonderful. 😉 

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